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noma noma offers a lifetime guarantee on all stainless steel drinking bottles against manufacturing defects. This guarantee is guaranteed by the company fid retail GmbH, with its registered office at Steinstrasse 21 in 90419 Nuremberg, registered with the Nuremberg commercial register under number HRB 37949. In the guarantee declaration, “noma noma” is used as a synonym for “fid retail GmbH”. It should be mentioned that the statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by the lifetime guarantee and continue to apply.

We are completely convinced of the quality of our drinking bottles and therefore offer a guarantee that goes beyond the statutory warranty. The lifetime guarantee provided by noma noma applies to all stainless steel drinking bottles and is accompanied by some restrictions, which are explained in more detail below.

Cases in which the lifetime guarantee does not apply:

The lifetime warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product. Excluded from the warranty are dents, scratches, powder coating wear/chipping/fading and other defects that are due to wear or damage to the bottle.
This warranty covers manufacturing defects only. The seal is also excluded from the warranty as a “wearing part” and may show normal wear and tear over the years.
The lifetime guarantee also does not apply to other products apart from the stainless steel drinking bottles.

In these cases there is generally no right to assert the guarantee:

  • Improper or incorrect use of the product.
  • Damage caused by cleaning, conversion, disassembly or other modification.
  • Damage caused by wear and tear, misuse or force majeure.

Cases in which this guarantee applies:

  • Bottle Loss of Function - Bottle no longer holds hot or cold for a reasonable period of time and becomes hot on the outside.
  • Material and workmanship defects
  • Leaking of the bottle - the prerequisite for this is an intact and not worn seal.
  • Tearing or breaking of the handle
  • Breaking of the bottle body, lid, or screws
  • Uneven or sharp welds or edges

    Special case:

    In rare cases the noma noma insulated bottle may start to rattle. This is due to a small metal disc that is soldered between the double walls and is necessary for insulation. If this disc were to come loose, it could cause the bottle to rattle.
    If this rattling bothers you, we can send you a replacement product.

    Warranty period:

    As the name “lifetime guarantee” suggests, this guarantee is related to the habitat of the product and is subject to the provisions of applicable law. More specifically, the warranty refers to the product lifespan, as typically assumed at the time of purchase.

    Claiming the guarantee:

    To claim the guarantee, please contact our customer support at the email address: and tell us the date of purchase of the product, the exact model, the order or invoice number at the time, as well as the dealer or shop, from whom you purchased the product.
    Please send us additional pictures of the defect and explain it further.

    Additional Information:

    Please note that our guarantee only applies if you purchased the product directly from us or an authorized noma noma dealer.
    Please also note that if you send the item back to us, you will have to pay the shipping costs yourself.
    In addition, we would like to inform you that if you claim the warranty, you will receive either a free spare part or a replacement product. You will receive the same size and color of the product as originally purchased.
    If the previous product is no longer available, you will receive a replacement product of at least the same value as you wish.