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Die noma noma Edelstahl Trinkflasche (750ml - matcha green) auf einem Schrank stehend


To enrich people's lives by offering premium
reusable products that elevate personal style.

noma noma Teamfoto in unserem Büro in Nürnberg

Meet the team

Hey, we are Max, Sebastian, Marlene and Marc, the minds behind noma noma.

For almost three years now, we have all been working on a vision of creating products that make a difference and are made to last. From the beginning, one thing was clear to us: there are plenty of brands and products out there, but truly unique and impactful ones are rare. It was clear to us that if we were going to do something, we would do things right.

As a team and co-founders of a startup, we share a lot, but one thing more than anything else: our pursuit of quality and perfection in everything we do. We approach concepts holistically and aren't satisfied until every detail, no matter how small, is just right. This commitment extends from everyday tasks to complex projects and product developments. But quality is not static - it's a process that needs constant attention.

The idea to start noma noma arose from a realization. In our everyday lives, we use various products, many of which unfortunately have a lifecycle of just a few months to years and are far from beautiful design and style. Naturally, this has nothing to do with sustainability, yet it sadly remains the standard in today's world.

The foundation for noma noma was laid, and the vision to create beautiful everyday items that complement our personal style and serve as a sustainable companion on our journey slowly took shape.

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Our values


Sustainability is at the core of our brand, we strive to act responsibly in everything we do.

Design Excellence

We believe that a product reveals its true value through aesthetic design and functionality.


We are open and honest, whether it is about product information, material selection or our production.


We value diversity and believe in creating an inclusive culture where everyone is respected and heard.

Die noma noma Trinkflasche Edelstahl in rot (1000ml) auf einer Fläche liegend und aufgeteilt in alle Einzelteile

Our first product

It took almost two years to develop our insulated bottle. We generated hundreds of concepts, created drawings, tested, and scrapped them.

But we stuck with it and it was worth it. After all this time it is finally here, the insulated bottle, a stainless steel drinking bottle in three sizes and ten iconic colors.

You might be thinking, “It’s just a bottle” – and you’re absolutely right with that thought. It's just a bottle, but one that packs a punch. Because not all bottles are the same and in addition to all the functions that our insulated bottle has to offer, it is above all a stylish companion that should accompany you in your daily life and always remind you how important conscious consumption is.

With the possession of just one of our insulated bottles, you get a bottle crafted from the highest quality materials, designed to last a lifetime. We use recycled stainless steel, environmentally friendly packaging, and offset 100% of our CO₂ emissions.

Of course, that alone isn't enough, but it's the first step toward a more sustainable future. For us, sustainability starts with the durability of a product, alongside the materials and emissions.

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